2006   New Zealand Equator
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Director:Mark Ferns
Studio:Discovery Channel
Writer:Alison Ballance, Peter Hayden
IMDb Rating:6.5 (6 votes)
Awards:1 win & 2 nominations
Mark Ferns  ...  (Director)
Alison Ballance, Peter Hayden  ...  (Writer)
Peter Hayden  ...  Himself - Narrator
Trevor Coleman  ...  Composer
Richard Fitzpatrick  ...  Cinematographer
Peter Simkins  ...  Editor
Summary: Equator: "Power of the Ocean"
The Galapagos Islands and Palmyra Island, though separated by half an ocean, were both shaped by the power of the equator. Great ocean currents, set in motion by the force of the equatorial sun, affect the destiny of animals living in both places.

Equator: "Battle for the Light"
The rainforests of Southeast Asia are a battleground. Here, the world's greatest diversity of species fight for light, food and life. Fuelled by the sun, rapid evolution encourages cunning and strategy to help plants and animals stake their claims in this complex environment.

Equator: "Rivers of the Sun"
The mighty Amazon River is the lifeblood of the jungle. For half a year, freshwater fish flourish in floodwaters that rise among the trees and then, as the waters retreat, these fish face a six-month drought. The enduring Amazon is both a time capsule for ancient animals and a hothouse for the evolution of new species.

Equator: "Paradox of the Andes"
In the high Andes mountains of Ecuador, the intense power of the equatorial sun beats down through thin air onto a grassland world fringed by glaciers and cloud forest. Every day is like summer - and every night is like winter. Within a 24-hour cycle, plants and animals adapt to both blistering heat and freezing temperatures - but how?

Equator: "Reef of Riches"
The Indo Pacific region is home to an exuberant abundance of life. On the coral reef, every animal is an example of evolution in action. New species emerge, explained by radical and intriguing theories. Sexual selection, a tumultuous glacial history and hothouse living conditions are all-powerful forces shaping life in this region.

Equator: "Challenge of Change"
The story of equatorial Africa is a tale of two worlds: the great grassland savannahs of the east and the mighty rainforests of the west. When the creation of the Great Rift Valley tore Africa apart 40 million years ago, it set in motion an evolutionary conquest that saw predatory cats and a multitude of grazing species become the ultimate rulers of the grasslands.

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