1995   Canada, Mexico Mystery of the Maya
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Director:Barrie Howells, Roberto Rochín
Studio:Canadian Museum of Civilization
Writer:Barrie Howells, Óscar Montero
IMDb Rating:6.6 (86 votes)
Duration:38 min
Barrie Howells, Roberto Rochín  ...  (Director)
Barrie Howells, Óscar Montero  ...  (Writer)
Nicolas Alonso  ...  Boy
Juan Carlos Colombo  ...  Giles Healey
Susan Glover  ...  Narrator
Blanca Guerra  ...  Archeologist
Juan Antonio Llanes  ...  Diego Landa
Alberto Ruz  ...  Himself
Francois Tormos  ...  Frederick Catherwood
Oscar Traven  ...  Alfred Maudslay (as Oscal Traven)
Javier Viesca  ...  John Lloyd Stephens
Savas Kalogeras  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Witness the splendor of the Maya Civilization.

Summary: I'm an IMAX fan, so I was a bit disappointed in the limited use of the format and cinematagraphy in The Mystery Of The Maya. It's not that it is a bad documentary; it is indeed quite educational. The problem is that it is just a documentary, without the IMAX eye candy that causes folks to buy big screen sets and pilgramage to BIG screen theatres with each new release. Compare this to Blue Planet or Everest at 5 stars and it's hard to come up with more than 1 star.

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