2002   USA Vampire from the Abyss
Vampire from the Abyss Image Cover
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Studio:National Geographic
Genre:Nature & Wildlife
Duration:47 min
Summary: Approximately 200km south of San Francisco, in California, lies the largest U.S. marine sanctuary, encompassing an expansive range of submarine valleys and canyons that reach depths of 4,000m. As an ideal site for detailed study of deepwater organisms, one of the top researchers, Dr. Bruce Robison of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, has provided a valuable glimpse into an unknown world through a series of submersible expeditions. He was also the first in the world to witness one of the most unusual denizen of the deep since the time of the dinosaurs -- a vampire squid.

Vampire squids are one of the most mysterious and fascinating organisms on this planet. Its black jagged cover of mantles and a huge globular pair of cobalt blue eyes can take any observers' breath away. Hence, its scientific name Vampyroteuthis infernalis, or "vampire squid from hell." In 1998, Dr. Robison developed a submersible with a Hi-Vision camera, which was the first to go on board and plunge into the abyss. Finally, the legendary monster shows itself in front of the camera where no light penetrates.

Our exciting voyage into the deep unveils the wonders of vampire squids seen through the eyes of a dedicated scientist.

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