2008   USA Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square Image Cover
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Studio:History Channel
Writer:Jonathan Crow
Genre:Culture & Civilizations
Duration:50 min
Kosh  ...  (Director)
Jonathan Crow  ...  (Writer)
John J. Flynn  ...  Narrator
Jerrold Launer  ...  Composer
Blackie Lawless  ...  Composer
John Luker  ...  Cinematographer
Ali Moghadas  ...  Cinematographer
Mike Penny  ...  Editor
Summary: It started out as China's answer to Woodstock, but it ended like Kent State. Here, using unseen footage and declassified diplomatic sources, we present a previously shrouded story of the battles and deaths of hundreds of young Chinese students in June 1989--martyrs for democracy at Tiananmen Square--and the imprisonment of many others. Watch the birth and death of a movement, and learn how the demonstrators changed China forever.

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