2005   UK Around the World in 80 Treasures
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Director:Dan Cruickshank
Studio:British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
IMDb Rating:8.3 (138 votes)
Genre:Culture & Civilizations
Duration:600 min
Dan Cruickshank  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Dan Cruickshank  ...  Himself
Lee Curran  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Around the World in 80 Treasures is a 10 episode series by the BBC and presented by Dan Cruickshank originally aired in February, March, and April 2005. The title is a reference to Around the World in Eighty Days, the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne.

In this series, Cruickshank takes a five month world tour visiting his choices of the eighty greatest man-made treasures, including buildings and artifacts. His tour takes him through 34 countries and 6 of the 7 continents (he does not visit Antarctica).

In addition to seeing some of the world's greatest treasures, Cruickshank tries many different kinds of food including testicle, brain, and insects. His means of transportation included airplanes, trains, camel, donkey, foot, bicycle, scooter, hang glider, and boats.

A tie-in book of the same title was also published, written as a journal during the trip and containing much behind-the-scenes detail on the making of the programme in addition to Cruikshank's reflections on the treasures themselves.

Cruickshank's fondness of architecture is self-evident, with many of his chosen treasures being buildings or other man-made structures.

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