2002   UK 1 Giant Leap
1 Giant Leap Image Cover
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Director:Duncan Bridgeman, Jamie Catto
Studio:Palm Pictures
Writer:Duncan Bridgeman, Jamie Catto
IMDb Rating:6.8 (257 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Culture & Civilizations, Music Video
Duration:155 min
Duncan Bridgeman, Jamie Catto  ...  (Director)
Duncan Bridgeman, Jamie Catto  ...  (Writer)
Asha Bhosle  ...  Herself
Duncan Bridgeman  ...  Himself
Jamie Catto  ...  Himself
Neneh Cherry  ...  Herself
Ram Dass  ...  Himself
Whirimako Black  ...  Himself
Tim Booth  ...  Himself
Brian Eno  ...  Himself
Cosi Fabian  ...  Herself
Michael Franti  ...  Himself
Dennis Hopper  ...  Himself
Maxi Jazz  ...  Himself
Linton Kwesi Johnson  ...  Himself
The Mahotella Queens  ...  Themselves
Baaba Mall  ...  Himself (as Baaba Maal)
Sharon Mitchell  ...  Herself
Grant Lee Phillips  ...  Himself
Eddi Reader  ...  Herself
Tom Robbins  ...  Himself
Anita Roddick  ...  Herself
Gabrielle Roth  ...  Herself
Jerry Sadowitz  ...  Himself
Penny Shaw  ...  Herself
Speech  ...  Himself
Michael Stipe  ...  Himself
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.  ...  Himself
Robbie Williams  ...  Himself
Baaba Maal  ...  Himself
Ben Cole  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: World music, world travel, and worldly wisdom form the unified whole of the ambitiously bohemian DVD 1 Giant Leap. Creators Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto cast themselves as globetrotting ambassadors of goodwill and good music, and they prove better as musical explorers than as filmmakers. The result is a flowing, loose-knit tapestry of imagery, interviews, and diverse performances. Gathering material from 25 countries and dozens of famous and not-so-famous musicians, authors, celebrities, spiritualists, philosophers, and unique individuals from nearly every cultural background, this enveloping DVD is best enjoyed as a soothing audiovisual odyssey (select "loop mode" for continuous play!). Assembling this cornucopia by theme (Time, Inspiration, Sex, God, Death, etc.), Bridgeman and Catto function as co-composers with an astonishing array of collaborators, giving 1 Giant Leap its richly international (and some might say inter-spiritual) identity. The result is a far-reaching glimpse of our world through the eyes of those who improve it by their musical presence. --Jeff Shannon

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