2006   UK The Bridge
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Director:Eric Steel
Studio:Koch Lorber Films
Writer:Tad Friend
IMDb Rating:7.3 (4,084 votes)
Duration:94 min
Eric Steel  ...  (Director)
Tad Friend  ...  (Writer)
Eric Geleynse  ...  Himself - San Francisco, CA
Chris Brown  ...  Himself - San Francisco, CA
Susan Ginwalla  ...  Herself - San Raphael, CA
Caroline Pressley  ...  Herself - Gene's Friend, South San Francisco, CA
Gene Sprague  ...  Himself - Born December 11, 1969
Elizabeth 'Lisa' Smith  ...  Herself - Born September 27, 1959
Rachel Marker  ...  Herself - Lisa's Mother, Healdsburg, CA
Tara Harrell  ...  Herself - Lisa's Sister, Healdsburg, CA
Lyle Smith  ...  Himself - Lisa's Brother, San Jose, CA
Dave Williams  ...  Himself - Gene's Friend, Covina, CA
Christina Koelling  ...  Herself - Lisa's Assisted Living Coordinator, Corte Madre, CA
Wally Manikow  ...  Himself - Philip's Parent, Midlothian, VA
Mary Manikow  ...  Herself - Philip's Parent, Midlothian, VA
Matt Rossi  ...  Himself - Gene's Friend, Concord, CA
Jen Rossi  ...  Herself - Gene's Friend, Concord, CA
Peter McCandless  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Director Eric Steel has succeeded in making one of the most morbid documentaries ever, The Bridge. Starring several deceased Golden Gate Bridge jumpers, The Bridge is a eulogy comprised of interviews with their loved ones and friends who reminisce about those who succeeded in committing suicide in the San Francisco Bay. Spliced between interview footage are shots of the bridge in all its majesty, surrounded by fog, and being enjoyed by tourists. Meant to represent The Bridge as a rounded character, one of beauty punctuated by tragedy, this film is assuredly touching for the affected families. It's an important step in the grieving process, but feels random viewed by one who didn't know these mentally disturbed citizens. As a conceptual investigation into suicidal motivations, the documentary succeeds, though midway through viewing one begins to feel like an interloper at various funerals. We hear of one woman's battle with schizophrenia, another man's death obsession, and several retellings of those who witnessed the horrendous events. Like Grey Gardens, The Bridge captivates by triggering one's love of sensationalism, but fortunately the film's sincerity undercuts any inkling of gossip column crime reporting. This tribute to suicide victims serves as an oblique tribute to The Bridge, as an honest portrayal of its history, gritty though important to remember. --Trinie Dalton

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