2004   UK Andes - The Dragons Back
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Writer:David Helton, Jenette Restivo
IMDb Rating:9.0 (18 votes)
Duration:51 min
  ...  (Director)
David Helton, Jenette Restivo  ...  (Writer)
F. Murray Abraham  ...  Narrator (voice)
Jennie Muskett  ...  Composer
John Brown  ...  Cinematographer
Keith Brust  ...  Cinematographer
Jim Clare  ...  Cinematographer
Stephen de Vere  ...  Cinematographer
Robert Fulton  ...  Cinematographer
Jeff Goodman  ...  Cinematographer
Charlie Hamilton-James  ...  Cinematographer
Alistair MacEwen  ...  Cinematographer
Mark Fletcher  ...  Editor
Summary: The Andes is one of the world's most spectacular mountain ranges with one of the richest environments on Earth and a diverse and unique mix of plants and animals existing nowhere else in the world.

Andes: The Dragon's Back so named because of the spines along its ridge travels through this range of mountains stretching from Cape Horn to the Equator, uncovering the largest ice field outside the poles, the Torres del Paine mountain region and the Atacama desert.

The Andes is a perfect example of animals adapting to their environment, penguins manage to thrive in the desert, flamingos cluster around hot geysers and the spectacled bear which originated in North America subsists on South American flowers which now grow in the Andes.

Take a tour of the world's longest and most geologically active mountain range in Andes: The Dragon's Back

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