1987   USA Prince: Sign o' the Times
Prince: Sign o' the Times Image Cover
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Director:Prince, Albert Magnoli
Studio:Cineplex-Odeon Films
IMDb Rating:7.5 (615 votes)
Genre:Concert Film
Duration:85 min
Prince, Albert Magnoli  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Prince  ...  Himself
Sheila E.  ...  Herself
Sheena Easton  ...  Herself
Dr. Fink  ...  Himself
Miko Weaver  ...  Himself
Levi Seacer Jr.  ...  Himself
Eric Leeds  ...  Himself
Atlanta Bliss  ...  Himself
Wally Safford  ...  Himself
Gregory Allen Brooks  ...  Himself
Boni Boyer  ...  Herself
Cat  ...  Herself
Peter Sinclair  ...  Cinematographer
Steve Purcell  ...  Editor
Summary: In front of a crowd at the Rotterdam Music Hall, Prince and his band perform 13 numbers, 11 of which are from his double album, "Sign 'o' the Times," and all but "Now's the Time" are his compositions. This is high energy stuff, with neon signs flashing above the stage, suggesting the honky-tonk district of a big city. Between a few of the numbers, there are vignettes of street life. Three women - Shiela E, Boni Boyer, and Cat - provide rhythmic, vocal, and physical pyrotechnics. Sheena Easton appears in a film within a film, her rock video "U Got the Look." In constant motion, never far from center stage, is Prince, Minnesota's charismatic pixy.

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