1973   UK The Ascent of Man
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Director:Dick Gilling, Mick Jackson, David John Kennard, Adrian Malone
Studio:British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Writer:Jacob Bronowski
IMDb Rating:8.7 (263 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:50 min
Dick Gilling, Mick Jackson, David John Kennard, Adrian Malone  ...  (Director)
Jacob Bronowski  ...  (Writer)
Joss Ackland  ...  Quotations (voice)
Jacob Bronowski  ...  Himself - Presenter
Roy Dotrice  ...  Quotations (voice)
Nat Crosby  ...  Cinematographer
John Else  ...  Cinematographer
John McGlashan  ...  Cinematographer
Sheldon Hendler  ...  Composer
Paul Carter  ...  Editor
Roy Fry  ...  Editor
Jim Latham  ...  Editor
Summary: 1. "Lower than the Angels" (evolution of man from proto-ape to 400,000 years ago)
2. "The Harvest of the Seasons" (early human migration, agriculture and the first settlements, war)
3. "The Grain in the Stone" (tools, development of architecture and sculpture)
4. "The Hidden Structure" (fire, metals and alchemy)
5. "Music of the Spheres" (the language of numbers)
6. "The Starry Messenger" (Galileo's universe)
7. "The Majestic Clockwork" (explores Kepler and Newton's laws)
8. "The Drive for Power" (the Industrial Revolution)
9. "The Ladder of Creation" (Darwin and Wallace's ideas on the origin of species)
10. "World within World" (the story of the periodic table)
11. "Knowledge or Certainty" (There is no absolute knowledge)
12. "Generation upon Generation" (cloning of identical forms)
13. "The Long Childhood" (The commitment of man)

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