2008   UK Paul Merton in India
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Studio:Tiger Aspect Productions
IMDb Rating:6.8 (53 votes)
Duration:60 min
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Paul Merton  ...  Himself - Presenter (5 episodes, 2008)
Summary: Having conquered China, comedian Paul Merton set his sights on India, bringing his own unique perspective to a vast and diverse country. Paul beats his own path around this enormous subcontinent, shunning the traditional tourist spots in favour of unexpected sights and surprising detours, to see 'his India'. Wandering off the typical tourist trails, Paul readily follows his own instincts taking us on a personal odyssey where a delicate balance of heart and humour will expose an unfamiliar side to this economic powerhouse. Paul begins a surreal and intense journey from crowded city streets to the harsh beauty of rural India; from the rugged terrain of the North to the sultry heat of the South. Paul’s Indian adventure sees him hang out with a gang of Eunuchs; dine with convicted criminals in a high security prison; learn to 'rock' on stage Indian style, and get swamped by thousands of naked holy men at a remote hilltop festival. Facing angry elephants, delinquent monkeys, spitting cobras and holy rats along the way… Paul heads off to find the 'alternative' India.

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