2008   China China Circus : On Ice
China Circus : On Ice Image Cover
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Director:Max Quinn
Studio:National Geographic
Duration:60 min
Comments: Almost makes you want to cry.

Summary: The Heilongjiang Acrobatic Troupe in Harbin, in north east China, is pioneering acrobatics on ice. Just over a year ago, graduates from the Wuqiao School of Acrobatic Arts were offered places in the troupe. This is every student's dream come true. It means real wages and a chance to see the world. But it's a very steep learning curve. They must cope with a move to the coldest part of China as well as learn to perform their acrobatic routines while standing tall and steady on their skates. With only a few months left until the opening of their new show “Aurora on Ice”, tensions run high. But all does not go to plan. When their precious ice rink is defrosted and shipped ahead of time, they must somehow practice without it. Then when they arrive in Taipei just four days before the opening performance, disaster strikes. They discover the ice machine has broken down. As time ticks on the tension reaches fever pitch. They need ice, they need to practice on it, and the premiere is only days away. Will it all be fixed in time or will they be – quite literally – skating on thin ice?

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