2005   Singapore Treasure Fleet: The Epic Voyage of Zheng He
Treasure Fleet: The Epic Voyage of Zheng He Image Cover
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Director:Jonathan Finnigan
Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Jonathan Finnigan
Duration:120 min
Jonathan Finnigan  ...  (Director)
Jonathan Finnigan  ...  (Writer)
Michael Drew  ...  Narrator
Michael Yamashita  ...  Himself - Presenter
Gerard Fitzgerald  ...  Composer
Grant Douglas  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Between 1405 and 1433, Mongolian & Muslim Admiral Zheng He of China led seven epic voyages to more than 30 countries, including Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kenya and Tanzania. The admiral and his crew gathered knowledge and wealth from Indochina to Africa for China’s Ming empire. These voyages were the biggest naval expeditions mounted at the time. Zheng He was bigger than life and could have changed the course of history. But after the seven voyages, he and his Treasure Fleet were forgotten by China, and the world, for six hundred years. National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita sets sail to discover why.

To celebrate the 600th anniversary of Zheng He’s maiden exploration voyage, Michael Yamashita traveled over 10,000 miles from Yunnan in China to Africa’s Swahili coast taking over 40,000 pictures for the feature story on this great explorer, published in the July 2005 edition of National Geographic.

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