577 Peu-ro-jek-teu   2012   South Korea 577 Project
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Director:Keun-Woo Yi
Studio:Filament Pictures
IMDb Rating:6.7 (9 votes)
Duration:99 min
Keun-Woo Yi  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Kang Shin Cheol  ...  Himself
Moon-kyeong Choi  ...  Moon-Kyeong
Jung-woo Ha  ...  Himself
Lee Seung Ha  ...  Herself
Sung-chun Han  ...  Himself
Cha Hyeon-woo  ...  Himself
Hyo-jin Kong  ...  Herself
Kim Sung Kyun  ...  Himself
Hong-Gyu Jeon  ...  Cinematographer
Jong-yeol Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Park Se Seung  ...  Cinematographer
Lim Joon Woo  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Project 577 is pretty fun. Jung-Woo Ha and Hyo-jin Kong are two of South Korea's best actors. Two of my favorites, for sure. It made me sad that the recent film they made together was so so-so.

One thing I found remarkable about Hyo-jin Kong is that even after walking 500km, when she was in a head shot, with the camera in front of her as she walked, her head barely moved--didn't bounce up and down or sway side to side. That's poise! (and good health). Wow.

Summary: Ha Jeong-woo had to travel the country because of something he said!
Kong Hyo-jin was caught up in this together.
577kms are traveled in 20 days with 16 other talented actors and actresses.
Real variety movie "Project 577" shows Ha Jeong-woo and Kong Hyo-jin traveling 577 km because of something they said.

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