2013   UK The Who • The Making of Tommy
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Director:Martin R. Smith
Studio:Eagle Rock Productions
IMDb Rating:8.0 (19 votes)
Duration:60 min
Martin R. Smith  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Meher Baba  ...  Himself (archive footage)
Richard Barnes  ...  Himself
Roger Daltrey  ...  Himself
Anthony DeCurtis  ...  Himself
John Entwistle  ...  Himself (archive footage)
Kit Lambert  ...  Himself (archive footage)
Des McAnuff  ...  Himself
Mike McInnerney  ...  Himself
Keith Moon  ...  Himself (archive footage)
Bob Pridden  ...  Himself
Christopher Stamp  ...  Himself (as Chris Stamp)
Richard Stanley  ...  Himself
Pete Townshend  ...  Himself
Chris Welch  ...  Himself
Jann Wenner  ...  Himself
Matthew Longfellow  ...  Editor
Comments: The album rides a razor's edge between brilliant and creepy. That's one thing. To talk about it with calm honesty, confident humility and a sense of humor just kicks it into a higher gear. If you give a shit, check it out.

I still contend to this day that only the first LP of this (back in the day) double album is worth listening to for the thousandth time. Pinball Wizard is just a pop tune. Pete has written a ton of those. The second half of this 'opera' is more like pre-Tommy pop Who.

Amazing Journey for the win

Summary: 1968 was a time of soul searching for The Who - with three badly performing singles behind them they needed a big new idea to put them back at the top and crucially to hold them together as a band. Inspired by Indian spiritual master Meher Baba, Pete Townshend created the character of Tommy, the 'deaf, dumb and blind boy'. Broke and fragmenting when they started recording, the album went on to sell over 20 million copies. In this film, The Who speak for the first time about the making of the iconic album and how its success changed their lives.

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