2015   USA, UK National Lampoon: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead
National Lampoon: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead Image Cover
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Director:Douglas Tirola
Studio:4th Row Films
Writer:Mark Monroe, Douglas Tirola
IMDb Rating:7.1 (523 votes)
Awards:5 nominations
Genre:Documentary, Biography, Comedy, History
Duration:98 min
Douglas Tirola  ...  (Director)
Mark Monroe, Douglas Tirola  ...  (Writer)
Danny Abelson  ...  Himself / Lampoon Contributer
Judd Apatow  ...  Himself / Director / Producer
Kevin Bacon  ...  Himself / Actor
Henry Beard  ...  Himself / Lampoon Founder
Anne Beatts  ...  Herself / Lampoon Contributer
John Belushi  ...  Himself / Actor (archive footage)
Richard Belzer  ...  Himself / Actor / Producer
Ed Bluestone  ...  Himself / Lampoon Contributer (archive footage)
Christopher Buckley  ...  Himself / Author
John Candy  ...  Himself / Actor (archive footage)
Christopher Cerf  ...  Himself / Lampoon Contributer (as Chris Cerf)
Chevy Chase  ...  Himself / Actor
Michel Choquette  ...  Himself / Lampoon Editor (archive footage)
George Coe  ...  Himself / Actor
Beverly D'Angelo  ...  Herself / Actrice
Bryce Jacobs  ...  Composer
David Allen  ...  Cinematographer
Peter Buntaine  ...  Cinematographer
Nick Higgins  ...  Cinematographer
Emilie Jackson  ...  Cinematographer
Charles Poekel  ...  Cinematographer
Jeffrey Schneider  ...  Cinematographer
Brian Michael Sullivan  ...  Cinematographer
Sean Price Williams  ...  Cinematographer
Joseph Krings  ...  Editor
G. Jesse Martinez  ...  Editor
Summary: Featuring rare and never before seen footage, this is the mind boggling story of The National Lampoon from its subversive and electrifying beginnings, to rebirth as an unlikely Hollywood heavyweight, and beyond. A humour empire like no other, the impact of the magazines irreverent, often shocking, sensibility was nothing short of seismic: this is an institution whose (drunk stoned brilliant) alumni left their fingerprints all over popular culture. Both insanely great and breathtakingly innovative, The National Lampoon created the foundation of modern comic sensibility by setting the bar in comedy impossibly high.

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