2001   USA Lost Cities of the Inca
Lost Cities of the Inca Image Cover
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Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Graham Townsley
IMDb Rating:6.8 (9 votes)
Genre:Culture & Civilizations
Duration:63 min
NGC  ...  (Director)
Graham Townsley  ...  (Writer)
Gavin MacFadyen  ...  Narrator
Rich Confalone  ...  Cinematographer
Paul Goldsmith  ...  Cinematographer
Gary Grieg  ...  Cinematographer
Peter Nelson  ...  Cinematographer
Chip Nusbaum  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Setting out in search of Vilcabamba, a hidden jungle city built in one of the more remote and inaccessible regions of the Inca Empire, Hiram Bingham stumbled upon one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the century—the magnificent ruins of Macchu Picchu which opened up the glories of the Inca civilization to the entire world.

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