2005   UK Wild South America
Wild South America Image Cover
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Director:Karen Bass
Studio:British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Writer:Pelham Aldrich-Blake
IMDb Rating:8.6 (20 votes)
Genre:Nature & Wildlife
Duration:300 min
Karen Bass  ...  (Director)
Pelham Aldrich-Blake  ...  (Writer)
Robert Fulton  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A six part series, Wild South America explores the exciting, diverse and unique wildlife that inhabits the dramatic landscapes of the vast South American continent. It is a land of great extremes, stretching from the Equator almost to the Antarctic, from tropical seas to ice-capped peaks, and it has the planet's greatest river system, longest mountain chain, biggest and richest rainforest and driest desert.

Using the latest camera techniques, including infrared night vision cameras, Wild South America shows little known animals, whilst a specialist aerial cameraman soars over the continent, revealing an entirely new perspective on its varied and dramatic landscape.

These six programmes take us from the depths of the Amazon basin to the icy peaks of the Andes, from the great plains and grasslands, through the vibrant jungle rainforest to the continent's spectacular coastline - on a journey of a lifetime.

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