2005   Canada The Dark Hours
The Dark Hours Image Cover
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Director:Paul Fox
Studio:Freestyle Releasing
Writer:Wil Zmak
IMDb Rating:6.2 (3,051 votes)
Awards:10 wins
Duration:80 min
Paul Fox  ...  (Director)
Wil Zmak  ...  (Writer)
Kate Greenhouse  ...  Samantha Goodman
Aidan Devine  ...  Harlan Pyne
Gordon Currie  ...  David Goodman
Iris Graham  ...  Melody
Dov Tiefenbach  ...  Adrian
David Calderisi  ...  Dr. Lew Lanigan
Jeff Seymour  ...  Radiologist
Trevor Hayes  ...  Doctor
Bruce McFee  ...  Donald Wegman
Kathryn Haggis  ...  Waitress
Steve Cosens  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: She spent years getting into the mind of a monster... Now he's getting into hers

Summary: Dr. Samantha Goodman (Kate Greenhouse) is a beautiful, young psychiatrist at an institute for the criminally insane. Burnt out, she drives to the family's winter cottage to spend time with her husband and sister. A relaxing weekend is jarringly interrupted when a terrifying and unexpected guest arrives. Harlan Payne (Aidan Devine) is a violent sex offender and patient of the doctor. He has escaped from the hospital seeking revenge. Harlan is convinced Dr. Goodman once conducted experiments on him. What follows is an extraordinary night of terror and evil mind games where escape is not an option.

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