2020   UK Caveat
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Director:Damian Mc Carthy
Studio:HyneSight Films
Writer:Damian Mc Carthy
IMDb Rating:6.7 (143 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 1 nomination
Genre:Horror, Thriller
Duration:88 min
Damian Mc Carthy  ...  (Director)
Damian Mc Carthy  ...  (Writer)
Ben Caplan  ...  Barret
Conor Dwane  ...  Olga's dad
Jonathan French  ...  Isaac
Leila Sykes  ...  Olga
Richard G. Mitchell  ...  Composer
Kieran Fitzgerald  ...  Cinematographer
Damian Mc Carthy  ...  Editor
Comments: Surprisingly effective for a no-budget, single location, slow-burner. A few eye-roller plot points don't spoil it at all because the whole thing is kinda eye-rollery. It's more thriller than horror and rests on the two main actors. I believed them.

Summary: A lone drifter, Isaac suffering from partial memory loss accepts a job from his old landlord Barrett, to look after his niece Olga, a psychologically troubled woman living in an abandoned house on an isolated island. When Barrett convinces Isaac to confine his movements to the house and leaves the two of them alone, a game of cat and mouse ensues with Isaac fighting to survive amid the terrifying resurgence of his own memory.

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