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Director:Gandja Monteiro, Jake Schreier, Matt Sobel, Nick Antosca, Arkasha Stevenson
Studio:Eat the Cat, Netflix, Universal Content Productions (UCP)
Writer:Nick Antosca, Haley Z. Boston, Matthew Ross Fennell, Todd Grimson, Lenore Zion, Christina Ham, Mando Alvarado, Alana B. Lytle
IMDb Rating:7.2 (9,564 votes)
Genre:Drama, Horror, Mystery
Gandja Monteiro, Jake Schreier, Matt Sobel, Nick Antosca, Arkasha Stevenson  ...  (Director)
Nick Antosca, Haley Z. Boston, Matthew Ross Fennell, Todd Grimson, Lenore Zion, Christina Ham, Mando Alvarado, Alana B. Lytle  ...  (Writer)
Rosa Salazar  ...  Lisa Nova
Catherine Keener  ...  Boro
Eric Lange  ...  Lou Burke
Jeff Ward  ...  Roy Hardaway
Manny Jacinto  ...  Code
Daniel Doheny  ...  Jonathan Burke
Mark Acheson  ...  Pierre
Hannah Levien  ...  Christine Woods
Siena Werber  ...  Mary Gray
Crystal Albert  ...  Denise
Darcy Laurie  ...  Ralph
Leah McKesey  ...  Bahlam Itzel
Kenya Jordan  ...  Faceless Woman
Gabriela Reynoso  ...  Inez
Skylar Radzion  ...  Zelda
Sean Owen Roberts  ...  James
Leah Cairns  ...  Veronica Burke
Jayson Blair  ...  Jules Brandenberg
Eva Ariel Binder  ...  Creature
Patrick Fischler  ...  Alvin Sender
Aya Furukawa  ...  Server
Christopher Corbin  ...  Limo Driver
Andrea Bendewald  ...  Shauna Davis
Leland Orser  ...  Mike Nathans
Zena Leigh  ...  Studio Woman
Kyra Leroux  ...  Tess Nathans
Michael Adamthwaite  ...  Exterminator
Stephanie Cleough  ...  Candy St. Claire
Gabriel LaBelle  ...  Tim Nathans
Jack Robinson  ...  Studio Man
Emma Cam  ...  Blonde Nurse
Peter Dewhurst  ...  Camera Guy
Jessica McLeod  ...  Freak
Maria Meadows  ...  Stacey
Georgia Bradner  ...  Sorority Girl
Debbie Podowski  ...  Jody Heights
Jerry Yang  ...  1 episode, 2021
Gaalen Engen  ...  Movie Producer
King Lau  ...  Guard
Michael Bardach  ...  Vagrant
Karen Holness  ...  Leslie
Matina Birtch  ...  Airline Worker
Chris Francisque  ...  Diner
Amitai Marmorstein  ...  Editor
Jeff Gulka  ...  Butcher
Jesse Kelly-Brandes  ...  1 episode, 2021
Robert Wellman  ...  Bald zombie
Pete Antico  ...  Sniffles
Jason Gray  ...  The Friend
Brett Justin Koppel  ...  Looper
Janet Walmsley  ...  Jail Prisoner
Comments: This isn't the kind of thing that would normally show up on my radar but I know the guy who wrote the novel this is based on, so I thought I'd give it a shot

It's a 3/5 YMMV kind of thing, but Rosa Salazar captivated me. Thoroughly. So 4.5/5 from me. I had never heard of her or seen anything she's been in (I don't think)

I won't namedrop all the influences. You can see them in other reviews. All true. The thing about Salazar, and really everyone, and the film itself, is how nonchalant she/they/it is in the middle of the strange goings on. It's surreal (or as the novelist calls it: "Cinematic Realism"). Some may write it off as 'not-believable'. If you're one of those, don't bother

I will namedrop Salazar puking kittens, and getting fist-fucked in a wound in her side ...

It's only occasionally 'extreme' cinema, but when it is, it is. As others have pointed out, it may have been better served as a movie than as an 8-part series, but I'm happy with five hours of Salazar instead of two.

This character that character, this plot point that plot point, the overall story, the ending ... don't concern yourself. The film's essence is not in those things. It's a ride. Enjoy the scenery. It's a little dark but very nice looking

Summary: Lisa Nova, an aspiring film director in the sun-drenched but seamy world of 1990 Los Angeles, embarks on a mind-altering journey of supernatural revenge that gets nightmarishly out of control.

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