2022   USA No Exit
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Director:Damien Power
Studio:20th Century Studios, Flitcraft
Writer:Andrew Barrer, Gabriel Ferrari, Taylor Adams, Scott Frank
IMDb Rating:6.1 (10,528 votes)
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:95 min
Damien Power  ...  (Director)
Andrew Barrer, Gabriel Ferrari, Taylor Adams, Scott Frank  ...  (Writer)
Havana Rose Liu  ...  Darby
Danny Ramirez  ...  Ash
David Rysdahl  ...  Lars
Mila Harris  ...  Jay
Dennis Haysbert  ...  Ed
Dale Dickey  ...  Sandi
Benedict Wall  ...  Cpl. Ron Hill
Nomi Cohen  ...  Jade
James Gaylyn  ...  Dr. Bill
Lisa Zhang  ...  Devon
Nick Davies  ...  Mike the Orderly
Hweiling Ow  ...  Darby's Mother
Jen Van Epps  ...  Detective
Kirsty Hamilton  ...  Sarah
Jared Hill  ...  Orderly 2
Kong Keopraserth  ...  Police
Sam Forde  ...  Police
Selena Dixon  ...  Rehab Patient
Kismet Shosanya  ...  Rehab Patient
Maria Luce  ...  Rehab Patient
Tessa Syms  ...  Rehab Patient
David Chen  ...  Uncle Joe
Paul Green  ...  Detective
Marco Beltrami  ...  Composer
Miles Hankins  ...  Composer
Simon Raby  ...  Cinematographer
Andy Canny  ...  Editor
Comments: It's not The Shining but it's a serviceable thriller with fine performances (Hanna Rose Liu is a catch) and a few extremely queasy moments

The hammer scene was a bit of a letdown only because the five or ten minutes waiting for it were so unbearable. I respect that

Summary: A young woman breaks out of rehab and hot wires a car so she can visit her sick mother, gets stuck with a group of people at a mountain rest stop during a blizzard. Things take a turn for the worse when the young woman discovers a kidnapped child in a car belonging to one of the people inside, putting the group in a terrifying life-or-death situation as they struggle to escape while trying to discover who among them is the kidnapper.

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