1995   USA Kids
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Director:Larry Clark
Studio:Lions Gate
Writer:Larry Clark, Harmony Korine
IMDb Rating:6.8 (29,953 votes)
Awards:1 win & 4 nominations
Duration:91 min
Larry Clark  ...  (Director)
Larry Clark, Harmony Korine  ...  (Writer)
Leo Fitzpatrick  ...  Telly
Sarah Henderson (II)  ...  
Justin Pierce  ...  Casper
Joseph Chan  ...  Deli Owner
Johnathan Staci Kim  ...  Korean Guy
Sarah Henderson  ...  Girl #1
Adriane Brown  ...  Little Girl
Sajan Bhagat  ...  Paul
Billy Valdes  ...  Stanly
Billy Waldeman  ...  Zack
Javier Núñez  ...  Javier
Luis Núñez  ...  Luis
Christian Bruna  ...  Christian
Alex Glen  ...  Alex
Chloë Sevigny  ...  Jennie
Rosario Dawson  ...  Ruby
Eric Alan Edwards  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Larry Clark's controversial film about New York City adolescents walking the AIDS tightrope is also an unblinking look at the dehumanizing rituals of growing up. But it really doesn't add up to more than the sum of its various shocks--virgin busting, skinny-dipping, male callousness--overlayed with middle-class disapproval. Clark is hectoring us for cutting kids loose at a terrible time in modern American history, but so are a lot of other people, who also offer alternatives and ideas. The film does nothing to push us toward new thoughts, new solutions, new dreams. It is more like a window onto our worst fantasies about what our children are doing out there on the streets. --Tom Keogh

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