2017   USA, Japan Get Out
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Director:Jordan Peele
Studio:Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, QC Entertainment
Writer:Jordan Peele
IMDb Rating:7.7 (599,434 votes)
Awards:151 wins & 209 nominations total, Won 1 Oscar
Genre:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:104 min
Languages:English, Swahili
Jordan Peele  ...  (Director)
Jordan Peele  ...  (Writer)
Daniel Kaluuya  ...  Chris Washington
Allison Williams  ...  Rose Armitage
Bradley Whitford  ...  Dean Armitage
Catherine Keener  ...  Missy Armitage
Caleb Landry Jones  ...  Jeremy Armitage
Marcus Henderson  ...  Walter
Betty Gabriel  ...  Georgina
LaKeith Stanfield  ...  Andre Logan King
Stephen Root  ...  Jim Hudson
Lil Rel Howery  ...  Rod Williams
Ashley LeConte Campbell  ...  Lisa Deets
John Wilmot  ...  Gordon Greene
Caren L. Larkey  ...  Emily Greene
Julie Ann Jones  ...  April Dray
Rutherford Cravens  ...  Parker Dray
Michael Abels  ...  Composer
Toby Oliver  ...  Cinematographer
Gregory Plotkin  ...  Editor
Comments: Brilliant, and spooky. In so many ways

I'm late to the Jordan Peele party, and was going to say he needs to work on, or work with someone better, on the supernatural special FX CGI stuff ... but then I remembered something (I think) Peter Berg (of all people) said: "the movie you make is not important. Everything is about the trailer"

I believe Peele's lame CGI bits are a great big fuck you to that. It's not what he's selling

His social commentary is as biting as it comes but it's not in furtherance of the war. I love that

I put this on about midnight just to say hello to my new friend Daniel Kaluuya and couldn't put it down. High praise from me

Big shout out to Lil Rel Howery. Consider this situation fuckin' handled

Summary: A young African-American visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point.

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