2006   USA A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints Image Cover
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Director:Dito Montiel
Studio:Belladonna Productions
Writer:Dito Montiel, Dito Montiel
IMDb Rating:7.0 (13,231 votes)
Awards:6 wins & 7 nominations
Duration:98 min
Dito Montiel  ...  (Director)
Dito Montiel, Dito Montiel  ...  (Writer)
Dianne Wiest  ...  Flori
Robert Downey Jr.  ...  Dito
Shia LaBeouf  ...  Young Dito
Melonie Diaz  ...  Young Laurie
Julia Garro  ...  Diane
Eleonore Hendricks  ...  Jenny
Adam Scarimbolo  ...  Guiseppe
Peter Anthony Tambakis  ...  Young Nerf (as Peter Tambakis)
Channing Tatum  ...  Young Antonio
Anthony Tirado  ...  Street Corner Puerto Rican (credit only)
Erick Rosado  ...  Puerto Rican Van Driver
Steve Payne  ...  Beach Chair Guy (as Steven Payne)
Chazz Palminteri  ...  Monty
Tibor Feldman  ...  Teacher
Martin Compston  ...  Mike O'Shea
Eric Gautier  ...  Cinematographer
Julia Liliana  ...  Diane
Comments: Queens, New York, 1986. Sometimes the only way forward, is back.

Summary: Dito, a writer in L.A., goes home to Astoria, Queens, after a 15-year absence when his mother calls to say his father's ill. In a series of flashbacks we see the young Dito, his parents, his four closest friends, and his girl Laurie, as each tries to navigate family, race, loyalty, sex, coming of age, violence, and wanting out. A ball falls onto the subway tracks at a station, small things get out of hand. Can Dito go home again?

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