1977   USA Sorcerer
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Director:William Friedkin
Studio:Film Properties International N.V., Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures
Writer:Walon Green, Georges Arnaud
IMDb Rating:7.7 (23,934 votes)
Awards:3 nominations total, Nominated for 1 Oscar
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Duration:121 min
Languages:English, Spanish, French, German
William Friedkin  ...  (Director)
Walon Green, Georges Arnaud  ...  (Writer)
Roy Scheider  ...  Scanlon
Bruno Cremer  ...  Victor Manzon
Francisco Rabal  ...  Nilo
Amidou  ...  Kassem
Ramon Bieri  ...  Corlette
Peter Capell  ...  Lartigue
Karl John  ...  'Marquez'
Friedrich von Ledebur  ...  'Carlos'
Chico Martínez  ...  Bobby Del Rios
Joe Spinell  ...  Spider
Rosario Almontes  ...  Agrippa
Richard Holley  ...  Billy White
Anne-Marie Deschodt  ...  Blanche
Jean-Luc Bideau  ...  Pascal
Jacques François  ...  Lefevre
André Falcon  ...  Guillot
Gerard Murphy  ...  Donnelly
Desmond Crofton  ...  Boyle
Tangerine Dream  ...  Composer
Dick Bush  ...  Cinematographer
John M. Stephens  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This is a dirty movie. If I was a movie star I wouldn't want to make a movie where I had to get so dirty. I'd make Rom-Coms where I could stay clean and good looking and fall in love after some hurdles

Lots of tension here, but it's unrealistic. I had to make frequent trips to the auto shop and have my disbelief re-suspended. The ending is so sad it pissed me off, but the several minutes leading up to it, the "Where am I going" montage kind of thing, is top tier cinema

Being a man in the 1970s was a choice

Summary: Four unfortunate men from different parts of the globe agree to risk their lives transporting gallons of nitroglycerin across dangerous Latin American jungle.

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