2009   USA Brothers
Brothers Image Cover
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Director:Jim Sheridan
Studio:Lionsgate, Relativity Media, Sighvatsson Films
Writer:David Benioff, Susanne Bier, Anders Thomas Jensen
IMDb Rating:7.1 (138,770 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 16 nominations
Genre:Drama, Thriller, War
Duration:105 min
Jim Sheridan  ...  (Director)
David Benioff, Susanne Bier, Anders Thomas Jensen  ...  (Writer)
Jake Gyllenhaal  ...  Tommy Cahill
Natalie Portman  ...  Grace Cahill
Tobey Maguire  ...  Capt. Sam Cahill
Sam Shepard  ...  Hank Cahill
Mare Winningham  ...  Elsie Cahill
Bailee Madison  ...  Isabelle Cahill
Taylor Geare  ...  Maggie Cahill
Patrick John Flueger  ...  Private Joe Willis
Clifton Collins Jr.  ...  Major Cavazos
Carey Mulligan  ...  Cassie Willis
Omid Abtahi  ...  Yusuf
Navid Negahban  ...  Murad
Ethan Suplee  ...  Sweeney
Arron Shiver  ...  A.J.
Ray Prewitt  ...  Owen
Rebekah Wiggins  ...  Marine Wife #1
Carrie Fleming  ...  Marine Wife #2
Jenny Wade  ...  Tina
Thomas Newman  ...  Composer
Frederick Elmes  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Best of the 8/23 Jakefest due to the cast. Sam Shepard as just the dad over there helps a lot. I've never seen Tobey Maguire pull off this level of insanity before. Natalie is strong and natural and The Jake is in his wheelhouse--a little dicey and full of Jake Juice

A big drama point which feels sideloaded onto a jailbroken film at first comes back and punches you in the face

Where did you get those underpants? They fit you pretty well

Summary: While on tour in Afghanistan, Sam's copter is shot down and he is presumed dead. Back home, it is his screw-up brother who looks after the family. Sam does return, but with a lot of excess baggage.

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