2005   USA Hard Candy
Hard Candy Image Cover
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Director:David Slade
Studio:Vulcan Productions
Writer:Brian Nelson
IMDb Rating:7.2 (57,741 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 6 nominations
Duration:104 min
David Slade  ...  (Director)
Brian Nelson  ...  (Writer)
Patrick Wilson  ...  Jeff Kohlver
Ellen Page  ...  Hayley Stark
Sandra Oh  ...  Judy Tokuda
Odessa Rae  ...  Janelle Rogers
Gilbert John  ...  Nighthawks Clerk
G.J. Echternkamp  ...  Nighthawks Clerk
Jo Willems  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Strangers shouldn't talk to little girls.

Summary: After three weeks chatting with the thirty-two years old photographer Jeff Kohlver in Internet, the fourteen years old Hayley Stark meets him in the Nighthawks coffee shop. Hayley flirts with him in spite of the difference of ages and proposes to go to his house. Once there, she prepares screwdriver for them and Jeff passes out. When he awakes, he is tied up to a chair, and Hayley accuses him of pedophilia. Jeff denies, and Hayley begin to torture him, in a mouse and cat game.

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