Bis ans Ende der Welt   1991   Germany, USA Until the End of the World
Until the End of the World Image Cover
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Director:Wim Wenders
Studio:Warner Brothers
Writer:Michael Almereyda, Peter Carey
IMDb Rating:6.7 (4,220 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:157 min
Wim Wenders  ...  (Director)
Michael Almereyda, Peter Carey  ...  (Writer)
Solveig Dommartin  ...  Claire Tourneur
Pietro Falcone  ...  Mario
Enzo Turrin  ...  Doctor
Chick Ortega  ...  Chico Remy
Eddy Mitchell  ...  Raymond Monnet
William Hurt  ...  Sam Farber, alias Trevor McPhee
Adelle Lutz  ...  Makiko
Ernie Dingo  ...  Burt
Jean-Charles Dumay  ...  Mechanic
Sam Neill  ...  Eugene Fitzpatrick
Ernest Berk  ...  Anton Farber
Christine Osterlein  ...  Irina Farber
Rüdiger Vogler  ...  Phillip Winter
Diogo Dória  ...  Receptionist
Amália Rodrigues  ...  Woman in Street Car
Christine Oesterlein  ...  Irina Farber
Robby Müller  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Shot on location in numerous countries, this ambitious Wim Wenders fantasy takes Sam Neill, Solveig Dommartin, William Hurt, and a ragtag group in pursuit around the world and back again. Though set in 1999 under the shadow of impending disaster as a wobbly nuclear satellite threatens to Chernobyl the planet, the leisurely gait of their worldwide escapades has a distinctly '40s-era decadence. The ultimate object of their quest is a machine that records visual information from one person and reconstructs it in the brains of others--granting the miraculous power of sight to the blind for one thing, but even more mystically, enabling a person's dreams to be recorded. When the film seeks resolutions on the most intimate questions of the human soul which dovetail with the possibility of a destroyed world, the film is hampered by the VHS running time, which subtracts several hours from the laser disc version. But numerous joys, not least among them Jeanne Moreau and Max von Sydow as Hurt's parents, inhabit this thought-provoking film. --Alan E. Rapp

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