2006   UK Red Road
Red Road Image Cover
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Director:Andrea Arnold
Studio:Advanced Party Scheme
Writer:Andrea Arnold, Anders Thomas Jensen
IMDb Rating:6.8 (6,723 votes)
Awards:19 wins & 7 nominations
Duration:113 min
Andrea Arnold  ...  (Director)
Andrea Arnold, Anders Thomas Jensen  ...  (Writer)
Kate Dickie  ...  Jackie
Tony Curran  ...  Clyde Henderson
Martin Compston  ...  Stevie
Nathalie Press  ...  April
Paul Higgins  ...  Avery
Andrew Armour  ...  Alfred
Carolyn Calder  ...  Cleaner
John Comerford  ...  Man With Dog
Jessica Angus  ...  Brownyn
Martin McCardie  ...  Angus
Martin O'Neill  ...  Frank
Cora Bisset  ...  Jo
Charles Brown  ...  Broomfield Barman
Annie Bain  ...  Aunt Kath
Frances Kelly  ...  Woman in Denim Skirt
Natalie Press  ...  April
Robbie Ryan  ...  Cinematographer
Nicolas Chaudeurge  ...  Editor
Summary: Red Road is a 2006 British film directed by Andrea Arnold. It tells the story of a CCTV security operator who observes through her monitors a man from her past. It is named after, and partly set at, the Red Road flats in Glasgow, Scotland which were the tallest residential buildings in Europe at the time they were built. It is shot largely in a Dogme 95 style, using handheld cameras and natural light.

Red Road is the first film in Advance Party, a projected trilogy following a set of rules dictating how the films will be written and directed. They will all be filmed and set in Scotland, using the same characters and cast. Each film will be made by a different first-time director.

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