1986   USA Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet Image Cover
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Director:David Lynch
Writer:David Lynch
IMDb Rating:7.8 (62,650 votes)
Awards:Nominated for Oscar. Another 17 wins & 10 nominations
Duration:121 min
David Lynch  ...  (Director)
David Lynch  ...  (Writer)
Isabella Rossellini  ...  Dorothy Vallens
Kyle MacLachlan  ...  Jeffrey Beaumont
Dennis Hopper  ...  Frank Booth
Laura Dern  ...  Sandy Williams
Hope Lange  ...  Mrs. Williams
Dean Stockwell  ...  Ben
George Dickerson  ...  Det. John Williams
Priscilla Pointer  ...  Mrs. Beaumont
Frances Bay  ...  Aunt Barbara
Jack Harvey  ...  Mr. Tom Beaumont
Ken Stovitz  ...  Mike
Brad Dourif  ...  Raymond
Jack Nance  ...  Paul
J. Michael Hunter  ...  Hunter
Dick Green  ...  Don Vallens
Frederick Elmes  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: David Lynch peeks behind the picket fences of small-town America to reveal a corrupt shadow world of malevolence, sadism, and madness. From the opening shots Lynch turns the Technicolor picture postcard images of middle class homes and tree-lined lanes into a dreamy vision on the edge of nightmare. After his father collapses in a preternaturally eerie sequence, college boy Kyle MacLachlan returns home and stumbles across a severed human ear in a vacant lot. With the help of sweetly innocent high school girl (Laura Dern), he turns junior detective and uncovers a frightening yet darkly compelling world of voyeurism and sex. Drawn deeper into the brutal world of drug dealer and blackmailer Frank, played with raving mania by an obscenity-shouting Dennis Hopper in a career-reviving performance, he loses his innocence and his moral bearings when confronted with pure, unexplainable evil. Isabella Rossellini is terrifyingly desperate as Hopper's sexual slave who becomes MacLachlan's illicit lover, and Dean Stockwell purrs through his role as Hopper's oh-so-suave buddy. Lynch strips his surreally mundane sets to a ghostly austerity, which composer Angelo Badalamenti encourages with the smooth, spooky strains of a lush score. Blue Velvet is a disturbing film that delves into the darkest reaches of psycho-sexual brutality and simply isn't for everyone. But for a viewer who wants to see the cinematic world rocked off its foundations, David Lynch delivers a nightmarish masterpiece. --Sean Axmaker

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