2006   USA Tre
Tre Image Cover
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Director:Eric Byler
Studio:Tre Productions Inc.
Writer:Kimberly-Rose Wolter, Eric Byler
IMDb Rating:4.8 (136 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:87 min
Eric Byler  ...  (Director)
Kimberly-Rose Wolter, Eric Byler  ...  (Writer)
Daniel Cariaga  ...  Tre
Teddy Chen Culver  ...  Lyle
Eric Hackett  ...  Rick
Alix Koromzay  ...  Nina
Kenzo Lee  ...  
Erik McDowell  ...  Gabe
Jackie O'Brien  ...  Tre's Mother
Tiffany Towers  ...  Horse Rider
Kimberly-Rose Wolter  ...  Kakela
Robert Humphreys  ...  Cinematographer
Tom Moore  ...  Editor
Pryor Praczukowski  ...  Video Guy
Michael Aki  ...  Michael
Matt Westmore  ...  Justin
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Summary: Gabe and Kakela are happily engaged couple in the mountain of Calabasas, CA. Gabe works as a horse riding instructor and Kakela is a trying-to-be writer. They live in house complex with Nina who is currently separated from her husband. One day, their long-time friend Tre rushes in and asks for short stay after his break-up with his girlfriend. Two men and two women start living under the same roof began its strange journey of the relationship in a isolated world near the city.

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