2006   Canada The Entrance
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Director:Damon Vignale
Studio:Entrance Productions
Writer:Damon Vignale
IMDb Rating:4.3 (319 votes)
Awards:3 nominations
Duration:81 min
Damon Vignale  ...  (Director)
Damon Vignale  ...  (Writer)
Sarah-Jane Redmond  ...  Detective Porhowski
Michael Eklund  ...  Ryan James
Ron SauvĂ©  ...  The Janitor
Jerry Wasserman  ...  The Rapist
Frank Cassini  ...  The Devil
Colin Cunningham  ...  Officer Banks
Bernard Cuffling  ...  Stan Porhowski
Hiro Kanagawa  ...  Detective Nolan
C. Ernst Harth  ...  The Pedophile
Taja Lee  ...  Demon
Zoltan Barabas  ...  1st Sinner
Daryl Bennett  ...  The Priest
Siobhan McCarthy  ...  The Nun (as S. Siobhan McCarthy)
Joel Wirkkunen  ...  Officer Grant
Lauren Littleton  ...  Drug Addict in Parkade
Larry Lynn  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A supernatural being wreaks havoc in this low budget horror flick from director Damon Vignale. THE ENTRANCE begins when a young drug dealer seeks out a detective to tell him about a deadly game that he has been forced to compete in. Further investigations uncover a portal into a deadly netherworld, which is inhabited by an unholy entity who is out for blood.

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