2006   USA Danika
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Director:Ariel Vromen
Studio:Blue Omega Entertainment
Writer:Joshua Leibner
IMDb Rating:5.8 (2,148 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:79 min
Ariel Vromen  ...  (Director)
Joshua Leibner  ...  (Writer)
Marisa Tomei  ...  Danika Merrick
Hannah Marks  ...  Lizzie Geralds
Guy Camilleri  ...  Man
Akuyoe Graham  ...  Patricia Guilford
Ori Pfeffer  ...  Bank Robber #1
Jeffrey Nicholas Brown  ...  Bank Robber #2 (as Jeffrey Brown)
Craig Bierko  ...  Randy Merrick
Kyle Gallner  ...  Kurt Merrick
Nicki Prian  ...  Lauren
Ridge Canipe  ...  Brian Merrick
Regina Hall  ...  Evelyn Harris
Jacqueline Piñol  ...  Nanny
James Avery  ...  Teddy Johnson
Tanya Linette Smith  ...  Sales Lady
John Ducey  ...  TV Anchorman
Jacqueline Pinol  ...  Nanny
Darko Suvak  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: It's hard to talk much about this one without giving the ending away. Suffice to say, Marisa Tomei fans should like this. I don't think the ending makes or breaks the film but it does offer an explanation for things.

Danika reminded me of some of the Korean films I've seen recently, the way the genre clues aren't as clear as they are in most American films. Danika mixed some horror-, and mystery-type elements in with the drama to good effect.

Summary: Danika is a thirty-five years old overprotective mother with a beautiful family composed by her successful husband Randy, two sons - the teenager Kurt and the little Brian, and one teenager daughter - Lauren. Danika is disturbed and near a breakdown, having dark and terrifying nightmares and daydreams; distracted in her work and consequently committing mistakes; and under psychiatric treatment with Dr. Evelyn. Her problems was originated when her husband cheated her with the nanny of their children, breaking her confidence on him. The lack of attention caused by her disturbed mind leads her family to a tragedy.

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