1994   USA The Last Seduction
The Last Seduction Image Cover
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Director:John Dahl
Studio:Lions Gate
Writer:Steve Barancik
IMDb Rating:7.1 (9,522 votes)
Awards:Nominated for BAFTA Film Award. Another 5 wins & 4 nominations
Genre:Crime, Thriller, Drama
Duration:110 min
John Dahl  ...  (Director)
Steve Barancik  ...  (Writer)
Linda Fiorentino  ...  Bridget Gregory
Bill Pullman  ...  Clay Gregory
Michael Raysses  ...  Phone Sales Agent
Zack Phifer  ...  Gas Station Attendant
Peter Berg  ...  Mike Swale
Brien Varady  ...  Chris
Dean Norris  ...  Shep
Donna Wilson  ...  Stacy
Mik Scriba  ...  Ray the Bartender
J.T. Walsh  ...  Frank Griffith
Erik-Anders Nilsson  ...  Beston Passerby #1
Patricia R. Caprio  ...  Beston Passerby #2
Herb Mitchell  ...  Bob Trotter
Bill Nunn  ...  Harlan
Renee Rogers  ...  Receptionist
Jeff Jur  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Whew. Linda Fiorentino is like a home-grown apocalyptic nightmare as the sizzling, sexy dame who thinks "sharing" is a dirty word. Fiorentino, a master of the double-cross, hooks up with naive Peter Berg, a nice guy desperate for a little adventure. There are endless twists to this cleverly vicious story, but the real draw is Fiorentino, whose performance is brilliant. She is the Everywoman you never want to meet: cool as ice, passionate, tough, self-satisfied, smart, and amoral. Bill Pullman is a surprise as a Machiavellian doctor who is almost her match. Definitely not a date flick, as this represents one vicious battle in the sexual wars. --Rochelle O'Gorman

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