1995   USA Leaving Las Vegas
Leaving Las Vegas Image Cover
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Director:Mike Figgis
Writer:John O'Brien, Mike Figgis
IMDb Rating:7.6 (49,285 votes)
Awards:Won Oscar. Another 25 wins & 17 nominations
Duration:112 min
Mike Figgis  ...  (Director)
John O'Brien, Mike Figgis  ...  (Writer)
Kim Adams  ...  Sheila
Graham Beckel  ...  L.A. Bartender
Shashi Bhatia  ...  Hispanic Prostitute
Nicolas Cage  ...  Ben Sanderson
Valeria Golino  ...  Terri
Elisabeth Shue  ...  Sera
Julian Sands  ...  Yuri
Richard Lewis  ...  Peter
Steven Weber  ...  Marc Nussbaum
Emily Procter  ...  Debbie
Stuart Regen  ...  Man at Bar
Al Henderson  ...  Man at Strip Bar
Carey Lowell  ...  Bank Teller
Anne Lange  ...  Business Colleague
Thomas Kopache  ...  Mr. Simpson
Albert Henderson  ...  Man at Strip Bar
Declan Quinn  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: One of the most critically acclaimed films of 1995, this wrenchingly sad but extraordinarily moving drama provides an authentic, superbly acted portrait of two people whose lives intersect just as they've reached their lowest depths of despair. Ben (Nicolas Cage, in an Oscar-winning performance) is a former movie executive who's lost his wife and family in a sea of alcoholic self-destruction. He's come to Las Vegas literally to drink himself to death, and that's when he meets Sera (Elisabeth Shue), a prostitute who falls in love with him--and he with her--despite their mutual dead-end existence. They accept each other as they are, with no attempts by one to change the other, and this unconditional love turns Leaving Las Vegas into a somber yet quietly beautiful love story. Earning Oscar nominations for Best Director (Mike Figgis), Best Adapted Screenplay (Figgis, from John O'Brien's novel) and Best Actress (Shue), the film may strike some as relentlessly bleak and glacially paced, but attentive viewers will readily discover the richness of these tragic characters and the exceptional performances that bring them to life. (In a sad echo of his own fiction, novelist John O'Brien committed suicide while this film was in production.) --Jeff Shannon

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