2001   Canada, USA Heist
Heist Image Cover
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Director:David Mamet
Studio:Morgan Creek Productions
Writer:David Mamet
IMDb Rating:6.5 (18,233 votes)
Genre:Action, Crime, Thriller
Duration:109 min
David Mamet  ...  (Director)
David Mamet  ...  (Writer)
Gene Hackman  ...  Joe Moore
Danny DeVito  ...  Mickey Bergman
Delroy Lindo  ...  Bobby 'Bob' Blane
Sam Rockwell  ...  Jimmy Silk
Rebecca Pidgeon  ...  Fran Moore
Ricky Jay  ...  Don 'Pinky' Pincus
Patti LuPone  ...  Betty Croft
Alan Bilzerian  ...  Fast Food Customer
Richard L. Friedman  ...  Counterman
Robert Lussier  ...  Fast Food Cook
Mark Camacho  ...  Jewelry Store Guard
Michelle Sweeney  ...  Waitress
Elyzabeth Walling  ...  Jewelry Saleswoman
Mike Tsar  ...  Coffee Cart Man (as Mike Tsarouchas)
Jim Frangione  ...  D.A. Freccia
Robert Elswit  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Love makes the world go 'round... Love of Gold.

Summary: David Mamet takes this story of thieves along many twists and turns, some of which work and some of which don't. Gene Hackman plays the brilliant leader of a gang (Delroy Lindo, Ricky Jay & Rebecca Pigeon as Hackman's youngish wife), which pulls off complex heists for a despicable fence (Danny DeVito). After stiffing the gang on a jewelry robbery, DeVito forces the gang to go after a Swiss gold shipment and to use his nephew (Sam Rockwell) in the crime. No one trusts anyone and every step is shaded with the unexpected.

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