1995   USA Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Image Cover
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Director:Geoff Murphy
Studio:Warner Bros. Pictures
Writer:J.F. Lawton, Richard Hatem
IMDb Rating:5.1 (17,527 votes)
Genre:Action, Thriller
Duration:99 min
Geoff Murphy  ...  (Director)
J.F. Lawton, Richard Hatem  ...  (Writer)
Steven Seagal  ...  Casey Ryback
Eric Bogosian  ...  Travis Dane
Everett McGill  ...  Marcus Penn
Katherine Heigl  ...  Sarah Ryback
Morris Chestnut  ...  Bobby Zachs
Peter Greene  ...  Mercenary #1
Patrick Kilpatrick  ...  Mercenary #2
Scott Sowers  ...  Mercenary #3
Afifi Alaouie  ...  Female Mercenary (as Afifi)
Andy Romano  ...  Admiral Bates
Brenda Bakke  ...  Captain Linda Gilder
Sandra Taylor  ...  Kelly, Barmaid
Jonathan Banks  ...  Scotty, Mercenary
David Gianopoulos  ...  Captain David Trilling
Royce D. Applegate  ...  Ryback's Cook
Robbie Greenberg  ...  Cinematographer
Basil Poledouris  ...  Composer
Michael Tronick  ...  Editor
Comments: A top secret nuclear satellite. A team of international terrorists. A government held hostage. An undetectable moving headquarters. Only one hero stands in the way.

Summary: Casey Ryback has now retired from the Navy and is now a chef at the Mile High Cafe in Denver, Colorado. Ryback taking his niece Sarah Ryback on a vacation. They board a train traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Los Angeles. Travis Dane takes the train hostage and starts using the train as a control center in his effort to take control of a top-secret government outer space super-weapon. Dane built the weapon but was fired by the government before it was deployed. He has since hooked up with shadowy Middle Eastern terrorists who have offered him 1 billion dollars to use the satellite to blow up the Eastern seaboard by targeting a nuclear reactor that is located underneath the Pentagon. Dane lets the Pentagon know that he's got control of the weapon by using it to blow up a Chinese chemical plant. Officials can't stop him because they can't locate his headquarters. As long as the train keeps moving, his location can't be fixed. Ryback enlists a porter named Bobby Zachs to help him go after Dane.

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