2008   Australia Restraint
Restraint Image Cover
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Director:David Denneen
Studio:Filmgraphics Entertainment
Writer:Dave Warner
IMDb Rating:6.2 (2,549 votes)
Duration:94 min
David Denneen  ...  (Director)
Dave Warner  ...  (Writer)
Stephen Moyer  ...  Andrew
Teresa Palmer  ...  Dale
Travis Fimmel  ...  Ron
Joanne Hunt  ...  Officer Edwina Blainey
Nate Jones  ...  Tim
Philip Holder  ...  Sgt. Paul Widdens
Margie McCrae  ...  Mrs. Wynott
Peter Davies  ...  Terry Gilmore
Taylor Owyns  ...  Angela (as Taylor Owynns)
Keith Robinson  ...  Mr. Middleton
Alyssa McClelland  ...  Gabrielle
Patrick Ward  ...  Andrew's father
Michael Willesee  ...  Sky News reader #1 (as Mike Willesee)
Vanessa Redgrave  ...  Sky News reader #2
Fabio Nardo  ...  Joey's dead body
Stephene Moyer  ...  
Simon Duggan  ...  Cinematographer
Rodrigo Balart  ...  Editor
Toby Denneen  ...  Editor
Comments: A couple decent spins, not twists, just spins, to this genre exercise from Australia. Just when you think the nudity is not enough, and the Brad Pitt impersonation wears thin it pulls out a little something from another room. Not bad. It's not a must see by any means but at least it doesn't insult you.

Summary: Two fugitives on the run from a murder scene take hostage an agoraphobic art dealer, with a dark past of his own. Captive by way of taking refuge in a magnificent country estate, Dale (Andrea McGrath) and Ron (Greg McGrath) find themselves inferior participants in a game of survival. Dale, a Atnea employee, is resentful of the way she has been treated in the past. Their hostage, Andrew (Stephen Moyer) appears to represent everything she’s never been able to have but wanted. Ron, impulsive and out of control, loves Dale and will do whatever he can to take her away from her old life. Andrew is an agoraphobic art dealer who has been living alone in his house since Gabrielle, his fiancée, disappeared six months prior. He takes a perverse liking to his new found companions, a competitive mateship with Ron and a desire to morph Dale into Gabrielle.

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