2002   USA Solaris
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Director:Steven Soderbergh
Studio:20th Century Fox
Writer:Stanislaw Lem, Steven Soderbergh
IMDb Rating:6.2 (37,973 votes)
Awards:1 win & 7 nominations
Duration:99 min
Steven Soderbergh  ...  (Director)
Stanislaw Lem, Steven Soderbergh  ...  (Writer)
George Clooney  ...  Chris Kelvin
Natascha McElhone  ...  Rheya
Viola Davis  ...  Gordon
Jeremy Davies  ...  Snow
Ulrich Tukur  ...  Gibarian
John Cho  ...  DBA Emissary #1
Morgan Rusler  ...  DBA Emissary #2
Shane Skelton  ...  Gibarian's Son
Donna Kimball  ...  Mrs. Gibarian
Michael Ensign  ...  Friend #1
Elpidia Carrillo  ...  Friend #2
Kent Faulcon  ...  Patient #1 (as Kent D. Faulcon)
Lauren Cohn  ...  Patient #2 (as Lauren M. Cohn)
Tony Clemons  ...  Dinner Guest
Steven Soderbergh  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: There are some places man is not ready to go

Summary: A curious mix of science fiction and metaphysical love story, Solaris centers around Chris Kelvin (George Clooney), a psychologist sent to investigate why a space station orbiting an alien planet has stopped communications. The planet has the power to delve into human psyches and re-create lost loved ones--in Kelvin's case, his dead wife (Natascha McElhone), whom he then wants to bring back to Earth. Director Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Erin Brockovich) fills almost every shot with faces and bodies, as if to emphasize the human soul rather than outer space as the movie's true subject. Unfortunately, the vagueness of the environment--combined with a script that implies more than it shows--serves to dislocate our ability to engage with the characters, rendering Solaris emotionally inert. Jeremy Davies, as a lingering crew member, brings a hint of humor to the otherwise serious-minded proceedings. --Bret Fetzer

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