2006   USA Lucky Number Slevin
Lucky Number Slevin Image Cover
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Director:Paul McGuigan
Studio:Weinstein Company
Writer:Jason Smilovic
IMDb Rating:7.8 (113,972 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 3 nominations
Genre:Crime, Thriller
Duration:110 min
Paul McGuigan  ...  (Director)
Jason Smilovic  ...  (Writer)
Josh Hartnett  ...  Slevin Kelevra
Bruce Willis  ...  Mr. Goodkat
Lucy Liu  ...  Lindsey
Morgan Freeman  ...  The Boss
Ben Kingsley  ...  The Rabbi
Michael Rubenfeld  ...  Yitzchok
Peter Outerbridge  ...  Det. Dumbrowski
Stanley Tucci  ...  Det. Brikowski
Kevin Chamberlin  ...  Marty
Dorian Missick  ...  Elvis
Mykelti Williamson  ...  Sloe
Scott Gibson  ...  Max
Daniel Kash  ...  Bodyguard #1
Dmitry Chepovetsky  ...  Bodyguard #2
Sam Jaeger  ...  Nick Fisher
Peter Sova  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Wrong Time. Wrong Place. Wrong Number.

Summary: How boring it is to label a movie Tarantino-esque anymore. The thing is, when it comes to an offering like Lucky Number Slevin, the shoe fits, and the result is anything but boring. Gruesome killings, arid wit, self-reflexive pop culture references, an A-list cast, and style-heavy production values abound, which gives the proceedings an epoxy bond that seals the Q.T. homage factor. Josh Hartnett--who spends a lot of buffed-up time with his shirt off--is Slevin Kelevra, a hapless fellow visiting his New York friend Nick. But Nick has disappeared, which sets off a mistaken-identity thrill ride when two goons grab Slevin (he's in Nick's apartment so he must be Nick) and take him to their crime lord boss, the Boss (Morgan Freeman). The Boss doesn't care about Slevin's wrong-man protests; he just wants the $96,000 Nick owes him. In one of many offers he can't refuse, Slevin has to agree to murder the son of the Boss's felonious arch rival, the Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) or take the bullet himself. But Slevin turns out to be no ordinary patsy. Thrown into the ingeniously designed production, clever plot twists, and academic nods to Bond, Hitchcock, and obscure old cartoons are Lucy Liu as a sexy coroner, Stanley Tucci as an obsessed cop, and Bruce Willis as a wily hit man with his finger in many pots. With so much visual and narrative trickery, there's almost too much to absorb in one viewing of this convoluted jigsaw puzzle of revenge and entertaining mayhem. Lucky Number Slevin isn't quite up to par with similarly brainy thrillers like Memento and The Usual Suspects, but the prospect of seeing it again in order to get your bearings is just as appealing.--Ted Fry

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