2008   USA Felon
Felon Image Cover
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Director:Ric Roman Waugh
Studio:Pantry Films
Writer:Ric Roman Waugh
IMDb Rating:7.5 (61,752 votes)
Duration:104 min
Ric Roman Waugh  ...  (Director)
Ric Roman Waugh  ...  (Writer)
Stephen Dorff  ...  Wade Porter
Marisol Nichols  ...  Laura Porter
Vincent Miller  ...  Michael Porter
Anne Archer  ...  Maggie
Larnell Stovall  ...  Viper
Val Kilmer  ...  John Smith
Sam Shepard  ...  Gordon
Johnny Lewis  ...  Snowman
Harold Perrineau  ...  Lt. Jackson
Shawn Prince  ...  Todd Jackson
Chris Browning  ...  Danny Samson
Nick Chinlund  ...  Sgt. Roberts
Greg Serano  ...  Officer Diaz
Jake Walker  ...  Warden Harris
Nate Parker  ...  Officer Collins
Gerhard Daum  ...  Composer
Dana Gonzales  ...  Cinematographer
Jonathan Chibnall  ...  Editor
Summary: After the system fails Wade Porter (Stephen Dorff), a man who inadvertently killed an intruder in his home while justly protecting his wife and son, the family man faces three years in a maximum security prison where every rule he has ever lived by is thrown out the window. To make matters worse, Porter doesn't get along with his new cellmate (Val Kilmer), most likely because the guy is an epically notorious mass murderer. In order to make it out of his sentence alive, between vicious prisoners and the sadistic machinations of the corrupt Warden Lt. Jackson (Harold Perrineau Jr., LOST), Porter is going to transform himself into the toughest, meanest cat in the joint.

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