2007   USA Waitress
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Director:Adrienne Shelly
Studio:20th Century Fox
Writer:Adrienne Shelly
IMDb Rating:7.2 (22,738 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 2 nominations
Duration:108 min
Adrienne Shelly  ...  (Director)
Adrienne Shelly  ...  (Writer)
Andy Griffith  ...  Old Joe
Keri Russell  ...  Jenna
Adrienne Shelly  ...  Dawn
Jeremy Sisto  ...  Earl
Edward Jemison  ...  
Nathan Fillion  ...  Dr. Pomatter
Cheryl Hines  ...  Becky
Eddie Jemison  ...  Ogie
Lew Temple  ...  Cal
Darby Stanchfield  ...  Francine Pomatter
Heidi Sulzman  ...  Exhausted Mother
Lauri Johnson  ...  Nurse Norma
Sarah Hunley  ...  Dr. Lily Mueller
Cindy Drummond  ...  Hospital Nurse
Nathan Dean  ...  Minister
Caroline Fogarty  ...  Doctor's Assistant
Matthew T. Irving  ...  Cinematographer
Matthew Irving  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: If only life were as easy as pie.

Summary: Much like the films of Hal Hartley, Waitress is funny in a deadpan sort of way, but a sadness lurks below the surface. After making a splash in Hartley's The Unbelievable Truth and Trust, Adrienne Shelly turned to directing with Sudden Manhattan and I'll Take You There. Set in a small Southern town, her third picture revolves around waitress Jenna (Felicity's radiant Keri Russell), who works at Joe's Pie Diner (Joe is played by Andy Griffith). Jenna is the pastry genius who makes Joe's joint shine. Her co-workers include the forthright Becky (Cheryl Hines, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and insecure Dawn (Shelly). All three have man trouble, but Jenna has it the worst. Her husband, Earl (Jeremy Sisto, Six Feet Under), treats her like a piece of property. When she finds out she's pregnant, Jenna fears she'll be stuck with him forever. Then, she develops a crush on her married obstetrician, Dr. Pomatter (Nathan Fillion, Serenity). With the aid of her fanciful confections, like peachy keen tarts, their flirtation develops into a full-blown affair. It appears to be a no-win situation, but Shelly finds an empowering way to bring this bittersweet story to a close. If the candy-colored conclusion plays more like fantasy than reality, it's a fantasy worth embracing. Sadly, Shelly was murdered before Waitress ever saw the light of day (leaving behind a husband and child of her own). Fortunately, her final film is far more life-affirming than morose, although it does end with the word "goodbye." --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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