2003   USA Lost in Translation
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Director:Sofia Coppola
Studio:Focus Features
Writer:Sofia Coppola
IMDb Rating:7.9 (153,869 votes)
Awards:Won Oscar. Another 70 wins & 58 nominations
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:102 min
Sofia Coppola  ...  (Director)
Sofia Coppola  ...  (Writer)
Scarlett Johansson  ...  Charlotte
Bill Murray  ...  Bob Harris
Akiko Takeshita  ...  Ms. Kawasaki
Kazuyoshi Minamimagoe  ...  Press Agent
Kazuko Shibata  ...  Press Agent
Take  ...  Press Agent
Ryuichiro Baba  ...  Concierge
Akira Yamaguchi  ...  Bellboy
Catherine Lambert  ...  Jazz Singer
Fran├žois du Bois  ...  Sausalito Piano
Tim Leffman  ...  Sausalito Guitar
Gregory Pekar  ...  American Businessman #1
Richard Allen  ...  American Businessman #2
Giovanni Ribisi  ...  John
Diamond Yukai  ...  Commercial Director
Lance Acord  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: The apex of Bill Murray's career, the quintessential Bill Murray film. It was written for him--that's when you know you've made your mark as an actor. Wonderful pacing and great music highlight this platonic love story set in Japan.

Summary: Bob Harris is an American film actor, far past his prime. He visits Tokyo to appear in commercials, and he meets Charlotte, the young wife of a visiting photographer. Bored and weary, Bob and Charlotte make ideal if improbable traveling companions. Charlotte is looking for "her place in life," and Bob is tolerating a mediocre stateside marriage. Both separately and together, they live the experience of the American in Tokyo. Bob and Charlotte suffer both confusion and hilarity due to the cultural and language differences between themselves and the Japanese. As the relationship between Bob and Charlotte deepens, they come to the realization that their visits to Japan, and one another, must soon end. Or must they?

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