2006   UK Notes on a Scandal
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Director:Richard Eyre
Studio:20th Century Fox
Writer:Patrick Marber, Zoe Heller
IMDb Rating:7.6 (31,708 votes)
Awards:Nominated for 4 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 35 nominations
Duration:92 min
Richard Eyre  ...  (Director)
Patrick Marber, Zoe Heller  ...  (Writer)
Judi Dench  ...  Barbara Covett
Cate Blanchett  ...  Sheba Hart
Tom Georgeson  ...  Ted Mawson
Michael Maloney  ...  Sandy Pabblem
Joanna Scanlan  ...  Sue Hodge
Shaun Parkes  ...  Bill Rumer
Emma Kennedy  ...  Linda
Syreeta Kumar  ...  Gita
Andrew Simpson  ...  Steven Connolly
Philip Davis  ...  Brian Bangs (as Phil Davis)
Wendy Nottingham  ...  Elaine Clifford
Tameka Empson  ...  Antonia Robinson
Leon Skinner  ...  Davis
Bill Nighy  ...  Richard Hart
Juno Temple  ...  Polly Hart
Chris Menges  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: One Woman's Mistake Is Another's Opportunity...

Summary: Gold stars to all for this taut psychological thriller based on Zoe Heller's novel that that gets more insidiously twisted as it unfolds. Oscar-nominated for her chilling performance, Dame Judi Dench gives a master class as schoolteacher Barbara Covett, a frumpy, friendless, and flinty spinster who lives with her cat. A formidable presence, Barbara is standoffish with colleagues and not one for students to trifle with (not that they'd dare). Cate Blanchett, also an Oscar nominee and winner of several critics society awards for her impassioned performance, costars as Sheba Hart, the new, overwhelmed art teacher who first becomes enthrall to Barbara after she steps in to help Sheba discipline unruly students. Barbara cultivates a friendship, and insinuates herself into Sheba's chaotic life, which includes her older husband (Bill Nighy), teenage daughter, and a son with Down's syndrome. Then, Barbara catches the reckless Sheba in a compromising position with a 15-year-old student (Andrew Simpson). Seizing her opportunity, the calculating Barbara does not turn her in. Rather, she wants to "help" her. "She's the one I've been waiting for," she writes in the journals she meticulously keeps, and which provide, in voiceover, her corrosive commentary. This all sounds very Fatal Attraction, but no boiling rabbits, please; we're British. Philip Glass's Oscar-nominated score accentuates the growing menace. Though there is little in these characters to admire, (one would think GLAAD would have something to say about the predatory turn Barbara's character takes), Notes on a Scandal is a compelling tour-de-force for its Grade-A cast. --Donald Liebenson

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