2006   USA Infamous
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Director:Douglas McGrath
Studio:Warner Brothers
Writer:Douglas McGrath, George Plimpton
IMDb Rating:7.1 (7,849 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Duration:118 min
Douglas McGrath  ...  (Director)
Douglas McGrath, George Plimpton  ...  (Writer)
Sigourney Weaver  ...  Babe Paley
Toby Jones  ...  Truman Capote
Gwyneth Paltrow  ...  Kitty Dean
Mark Rubin  ...  El Morocco Band
Steve Schwelling  ...  El Morocco Band
Glover Johns Gill  ...  El Morocco Band
Rey Arteaga  ...  El Morocco Band
Justin Sherburn  ...  El Morocco Band
Andrew Halbreich  ...  El Morocco Band
Juliet Stevenson  ...  Diana Vreeland
Michael Panes  ...  Gore Vidal
Hope Davis  ...  Slim Keith
Frank G. Curcio  ...  William Shawn
Sandra Bullock  ...  Nelle Harper Lee
Isabella Rossellini  ...  Marella Agnelli
Peter Bogdanovich  ...  Bennett Cerf
Jeff Daniels  ...  Alvin Dewey
Daniel Craig  ...  Perry Smith
Bruno Delbonnel  ...  Cinematographer
Rachel Portman  ...  Composer
Camilla Toniolo  ...  Editor
Summary: Infamous is inevitably compared to Capote, since it also chronicles author Truman Capote's spiral into chaos while composing his masterpiece, In Cold Blood, a breakthrough non-fictional tale told as fiction. It's a shame that Capote's critical acclaim eclipsed this film's, as Toby Jones is perfectly convincing as Capote, with his small stature and eccentric manner. Infamous mimics the novel's fictionalized non-fiction, opening on "interviews" with Capote's New York friends like Diana Vreeland (Juliet Stevenson) and Babe Paley (Sigourney Weaver). The film, set in 1959, begins with Capote's discovery of the farm family murder story and his trek out to Kansas with confidant, Nelle Harper Lee (Sandra Bullock). Stressing Capote's relationships with Lee, the film justifies Capote's marginal behavior by Lee's speaking about Capote's childhood neglect, which she also wrote into To Kill A Mockingbird. Capote's own description of his rough childhood then serves as a barrier breaker between himself and Perry Smith (Daniel Craig), the half of the Perry Smith-Dick Hickock killing team who is at first unwilling to talk. Infamous makes much of the sexual tension between Capote and Smith, implying that Capote persevered through his project for Smith's love. Based on George Plimpton's oral biography, Infamous deserves a stellar place in Capote-lore, as there is ample room for both competing films. --Trinie Dalton

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