2008   USA Deadgirl
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Director:Marcel Sarmiento, Gadi Harel
Writer:Trent Haaga
IMDb Rating:5.9 (5,512 votes)
Duration:101 min
Marcel Sarmiento, Gadi Harel  ...  (Director)
Trent Haaga  ...  (Writer)
Shiloh Fernandez  ...  Rickie
Noah Segan  ...  JT
Michael Bowen  ...  Clint
Candice Accola  ...  JoAnn
Andrew DiPalma  ...  Johnny
Eric Podnar  ...  Wheeler
Nolan Gerard Funk  ...  Dwyer
Jenny Spain  ...  The deadgirl
Christina Masterson  ...  Rosie
David Alan Graf  ...  Mr. Harrison
Christina Blevins  ...  Amanda
Luke Van Pelt  ...  Chris Lars
Dustin Hess  ...  Walter
Jessica Lynn Wilson  ...  Student (as Jessica Wilson)
Dawson Van Pelt  ...  Kurt Lars
Shushig DerStepanian  ...  Elizabeth
Susan Marie Keller  ...  Nikki
Kelle Cantwell  ...  Britt
Timothy Muskatell  ...  Wes
Casey Morgan  ...  Riley
Crystal Young  ...  Kris- Student
Harris Charalambous  ...  Cinematographer
Kathleen M. Darcy  ...  Ms. Flynn
Steve Dean  ...  Gym Coach
Comments: If you found a seemingly dead girl naked and chained to a table in the basement of some far away abandoned nut hospital who's just animated enough to have, and enjoy, sex, would you have sex with her? What if your friend bashed her head, shot her three times and then had sex with her? Golly! what would you do? I can imagine the scriptwriters entertained some notion that they were exploring the limits of friendship, but ... to pretend that this is anything more than a sick fuck movie is fantasy. One of the few times I've asked myself "Why would someone make this movie?" but it's handled competently, the production values are good, and the actors acceptably transparent. It's not bad. Check your moral compass at the door.

Summary: Ditching school on a lark in favor of downing beers and raising hell at an abandoned mental hospital, two high school kids from the wrong side of the tracks make a horrifying discovery that will test their morals and serve as the catalyst for a dangerous battle of wills. Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and JT (Noah Segan) are the kind of kids more likely to be caught smoking in the boy's room than studying in the library, so when they skip out of class to explore a crumbling mental hospital it seems like just another days of mischief and mayhem. What seemed to be business as usual becomes anything but, however, when the two boys break through a rusted door leading to a dark boiler room and discover a naked woman tied to a gurney and covered in plastic. Since the door to the boiler room was rusted shut it seems unlikely that any living soul has inhabited the space for years, yet when the body shows signs of life JT immediately suggests that he and his pal should have a little lewd fun with their helpless captive. But while Rickie may be somewhat reckless, his moral compass still points in the right direction and he wants nothing to do with such sordid affairs. Later, when word of Rickie and JT's discovery gets out, tensions flare as events take a darkly disturbing turn.

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