2000   USA Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Dancing at the Blue Iguana Image Cover
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Director:Michael Radford
Studio:Moonstone Entertainment
Writer:Michael Radford, David Linter
IMDb Rating:5.7 (2,320 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 1 nomination
Duration:123 min
Michael Radford  ...  (Director)
Michael Radford, David Linter  ...  (Writer)
Charlotte Ayanna  ...  Jessie
Kristin Bauer  ...  Nico
W. Earl Brown  ...  Bobby
Daryl Hannah  ...  Angel
Chris Hogan  ...  Dennis
Sheila Kelley  ...  Stormy
Elias Koteas  ...  Sully
Vladimir Mashkov  ...  Sacha
Sandra Oh  ...  Jasmine
Rodney Rowland  ...  Charlie
Jennifer Tilly  ...  Jo
Robert Wisdom  ...  Eddie
David Amos  ...  Dave
Carolyne Aycaguer  ...  Sophie
R.C. Bates  ...  Jimmy
Ericson Core  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Angel is a dancer wishing to adopt a child. Stormy is a dancer with a secret with her brother Sully. Jasmine is a poetess who fells in love with Dennis. Jo is a dancer who became pregnant and Jessie is a woman fighting to survive in Hollywood. The link between them is the fact that they dance at Blue Iguana, a strip-club managed by Eddie. Their personal dramas are the theme of this movie.

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