2006   Canada, USA Black Christmas
Black Christmas Image Cover
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Director:Glen Morgan
Studio:Dimension Films
Writer:Glen Morgan, Roy Moore
IMDb Rating:4.3 (12,103 votes)
Duration:84 min
Glen Morgan  ...  (Director)
Glen Morgan, Roy Moore  ...  (Writer)
Katie Cassidy  ...  Kelli Presley
Michelle Trachtenberg  ...  Melissa
Kristen Cloke  ...  Leigh Colvin
Mary Elizabeth Winstead  ...  Heather Fitzgerald
Lacey Chabert  ...  Dana
Andrea Martin  ...  Barbara 'Ms. Mac' MacHenry
Crystal Lowe  ...  Lauren Hannon
Oliver Hudson  ...  Kyle Autry
Karin Konoval  ...  Billy's Mother
Dean Friss  ...  Agnes - 16 & 22 Years
Robert Mann  ...  Billy Lenz - 20 & 35 Years
Jessica Harmon  ...  Megan Helms
Leela Savasta  ...  Clair Crosby
Kathleen Kole  ...  Eve Agnew
Cainan Wiebe  ...  Billy Lenz - 5 & 12 Years
Robert McLachlan  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: In the 70's, the boy Billy is born with yellow skin due to a lever disease and his dysfunctional mother rejects him. Later he witnesses his mother and her lover killing his beloved father and burying him in the basement of their house, and he is locked in the attic alone along his childhood. When he is a teenager, he is sexually abused by his mother and she has a baby girl called Agnes. During Christmas, the deranged Billy escapes from his imprisonment, kills his mother and stepfather and blinds one eye of Agnes. He is declared insane and his sister is sent to an orphanage. In the present days, Billy escapes from the Clark Sanatorium to spend Christmas with his family. Meanwhile, his former house is the Delta Alpha Kappa sorority house in the campus of the Clement University, and the housemother and the sisters Kelli Presley, Dana, Lauren Hannon, Megan, Heather, Megan Helms, Melissa and Eve Agnew are preparing the house for Christmas party in a stormy night while Clair Crosby is in her room writing a card to bury the hatchet with her sister. When three sisters vanish, the others receive weird phone calls and believe something is wrong, but they find that they are trapped in the location.

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