2002   USA, Germany Trapped
Trapped Image Cover
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Director:Luis Mandoki
Studio:Columbia Pictures
Writer:Greg Iles, Greg Iles
IMDb Rating:6.0 (11,969 votes)
Duration:106 min
Luis Mandoki  ...  (Director)
Greg Iles, Greg Iles  ...  (Writer)
Charlize Theron  ...  Karen Jennings
Courtney Love  ...  Cheryl Hickey
Stuart Townsend  ...  Dr. Will Jennings
Kevin Bacon  ...  Joe Hickey
Pruitt Taylor Vince  ...  Marvin
Dakota Fanning  ...  Abigail Jennings
Steve Rankin  ...  Hank Ferris
Gary Chalk  ...  Agent Bill Chalmers (as Garry Chalk)
Jodie Markell  ...  Mary McDill
Matt Koby  ...  Peter McDill
Gerry Becker  ...  Dr. Stein
Andrew Airlie  ...  Hotel Receptionist Holden
Randi Lynne  ...  Hotel Operator
Colleen Camp  ...  Joan Evans
J.B. Bivens  ...  Gray Davidson
Garry Chalk  ...  Agent Chalmers
Frederick Elmes  ...  Cinematographer
Piotr Sobocinski  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Joe Hickley thinks he's got a great scheme: kidnap the child of rich parents, hold it for 24 hours, keeping the mother under his control while an accomplice gets the ransom from the father, who is on a trip. But things go very wrong when he tries this scheme on the Jennings family, in part because their daughter Abby is asthmatic, and in part because the Jennings' find out more than Hickley wants them to know.

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